Thursday, March 5, 2009

Forex Grid Trading

Forex Grid Trading

Since officially releasing our Forex Robot last month... We've been inundated with thank you emails. Thousands of you are now making hundreds of dollars a day in Forex, myself included.And I'll show You Our FAP Turbo Results, later in this article. But... Just last week We thought We where in a load of trouble!... Us and other users of FapTurbo software were making thousands of dollars a day at a certain online forex brokerage called XXX Securities. (we cannot mention the name for legal reasons unfortunately.

However... The greedy owner of that brokerage was a so called "market maker". This means a

trading order executed by fapturbo was automatically matched by the broker and NOT entered into the market directly. Such brokers earn alot of money when you loose.

Unfortunateley (for them) fapturbo kept making its customers tons of money and the ONLY way they figured they could stop us was to ban all fapturbo users! Because FapTurbo is so profitable to use, the owner (betting against FapTurbo trades) lost hundreds of thousands of dollars!

And because of this... He banned all of his customers using the FapTurbo software! But before you start worrying... There are hundreds of online forex brokers

that welcome FapTurbo traders...

And there is nothing illegal or immoral about using the FapTurbo software. in FACT FXCM and FXpro for example called us up to congratulate us for the amazing archievement! (you can read tons of success stories in the Members only forum!) Forexmeta even gives out a 500 usd bonus on deposit to FapTurbo traders. To get started now, go to:

CLICK HERE to Visit the FAP Turbo Software Website - Now!!

(scroll down to the bottom, to join) Since FapTurbo does the work, all by itself on 100% autopilot... There is another way we make a huge amount of money... And until now We've kept it a secret. This is a service which competes directly with our own FapTurbo. And it is something which We use to earn roughly 40% of my total income. (this is dynamite!). But We thought why compete when We could offer you (our list) the chance to use this service too. And it won't cost you a single dime.

Here's How... Seven months ago We where introduced to a man called Ernest Miller. He was one of Wall Street's most successful traders in the 90's and up until 2007. But recently the hedge found he worked for, went bankrupt. And so he decided to strike out on his own and created a new exciting service. Around 8 weeks ago, Mike this guy in New York and he told him all about his new business.

It's quite remarkable! For $75,000 per month, this guy sends out stock picks to just an elite few who can afford his advice. The 20 or so clients he has, consist of well known bankers, and CEO's. After being impressed by his "pitch" We too became one of his few clients. And every two weeks or so, a FedEx letter shows up at our company.

This letter comprises of a short note from him (usually one or two pages long) and it tells us all about his latest stock pick. Included at the top of this letter is the ticker symbol, for the stock he believes is about to rocket. So far, over the last 8 weeks, every one of his stock picks he sent us has returned more than 100%. We've been able to personally make $40,000 doing nothing more than signing for a FedEx letter...

Then hurriedly running to my computer and investing online. And usually We buy and sell these stocks within around 4 days. So We make a profit on each pick, well before the next is sent. Here's where it gets interesting...

Last week we told him We had an email list of over 100,000 smart investors, making bucket-loads of cash in forex. (you guys!) I asked him if there was any way We could let you profit from these stock picks too.

He thought long and hard about this... And here's what he came up with: He decided he can send all of you guys his stock picks... On a "Pay on Results" basis. Over the next 3 or 4 months you're going to receive the same stock picks he charges $75,000 per month for. (The same stock picks, We've made $40,000 from!) After you've had the chance to make $100,000 from these "trial" stock picks... He will send you an invoice for $30,000... to continue using his service.

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